Stone Haven Retreat Center


Want to learn more about the Jewish roots of Christianity?
Interested in knowing more about the Biblical Feasts?
Looking for information on the ancient Jewish customs and culture that provides the background to Scripture's teachings?
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Stone Haven Retreat CenterStone Haven Retreat Center

Soon to be the "home base" for Foundations Ministries, Stone Haven is located on 120 acres in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Providing a peaceful atmoshphere that lends itself toward our teachings and designed so that the majority of buildings and recreational areas are fully accessible, we're striving to remove unnecessary barriers between those who get around on two feet and those who use four wheels . . . . . Jewish Roots of ChristianityJewish Roots of ChristianityLearn More stone haven

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Stone Haven Retreat Center
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Stone Haven Retreat Center
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Stone Haven Retreat Center
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Stone Haven Retreat CenterStone Haven Retreat Center
Foundations Ministries
is a non profit Christian fellowship and teaching ministry (incorporation as a 501 (c) 3 is underway, but not yet completed). Through our weekly worship services and bible studies, as well as various presentations, seminars and online studies, we seek to help Believers gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and thier faith by helping them better understand the significance of the Jewish roots of Christianity and fully realize the rich heritage they received when they were "grafted into the olive tree" through their relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

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Foundations Ministries
Stone Haven Retreat CenterStone Haven Retreat Center
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Stone Haven Retreat

Messiah in the Passover
at Evergreen - 2009

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Stone Haven Retreat Center
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